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Inspector Acceptance


  • ARCA Warranty Ltd. accepted roofing inspector status is granted to individual independent roofing inspectors on an annual basis and is not a permanent designation.
  • Roof inspection companies are not eligible for accreditation.
  • Inspectors shall remain independent at all times and must refrain from any business affiliation with roofing contractors, membrane/material manufacturers or distributors.


Acceptance Requirements


  1. Comply with the qualification requirements for education, work and inspection experience outlined in the ARCA Warranty Ltd Accepted Inspectors Manual.
  2. Be sponsored by an ARCA Warranty Ltd. accepted roofing inspector.
  3. Obtained a minimum of six (6) months of previous roof inspection experience (verification required with application).
  4. Demonstrate proficiency with the interpretation of construction specifications, related construction drawings and the preparation of roof plans and roofing details (Testing may be required).
  5. Communicate effectively in both oral and written form, including computer reporting skills (Testing may be required).

Applicants not meeting the qualification requirements must complete a minimum twelve (12) month apprenticeship under the direct supervision of their ARCA Warranty Ltd. accepted roofing inspector sponsor. At any given time, a maximum of one (1) apprentice roofing inspector may be sponsored by an accepted roofing inspector.

Inspectors shall attend, within three (3) months of registration, a mandatory orientation given by ARCA administration pertaining to the workings of ARCA, ARCA Warranty Ltd. and it's Warranty Certificate (W.C.) Program.Registered inspectors shall complete roofing membrane manufacturer's application training programs for each membrane type warranted by ARCA Warranty Ltd. (verification required).

For conditional inspector acceptance, candidates must pass the ARCA Warranty Ltd.'s inspector examinations by achieving a minimum 80% score on separate written and oral Low-Slope and Steep-Slope examinations. The examination fee, payable to the Alberta Roofing Contractors Association (ARCA), is $500.00 plus G.S.T. for each complete set of examinations taken.

Conditionally accepted roofing inspectors must complete a minimum one (1) year probationary period prior to achieving full accepted inspector status granted by the Board of Directors.

To be eligible to complete Warranty Certificate second anniversary and post final inspections, inspectors must accept ARCA Warranty Ltd.'s current inspection rates and travel fee schedule.



  1. Comply with the "Conditions of Acceptance and Continuance", policy, requirements and procedures outlined in ARCA Warranty Ltd.'s Accepted Inspectors Manual.
  2. Remain current with the requirements outlined in the ARCA Warranty Ltd. "Roofing Application Standards Manual".
  3. Attend one (1) of two (2) ARCA Warranty Ltd. annual roofing inspector upgrader sessions held in Alberta and complete upgrader training.
  4. Sign the ARCA Warranty Ltd.'s "Inspectors Agreement" annually.
  5. Abide by the safety policy of the "Prime Contractor" and comply with the Alberta O H & S Act, Regulation and Code when conducting post final and second anniversary inspections.
  6. Maintain an active Alberta W.C.B. account.
  7. Provide primary inspection services for the greater five (5) commercial roofing projects for a minimum of 500 squares of roofing for which ARCA Warranty Ltd. issued the Warranty Certificate document during the previous May 1 to April 30 acceptance term.