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Value of Roof Inspections

ARCA requires that a qualified ARCA accepted roofing inspector, prior to and during the actual roof construction activity, perform quality assurance inspections of the roofing system. When an ARCA Warranty Certificate is being provided on a commercial project, the building owner must retain the services of an ARCA accepted roofing inspector.

The inspector's reports form a vital link in determining whether or not the entire roof system has been constructed in accordance with the project specifications and ARCA Roofing Application Standards. The independent roof inspector conducts roof observations regularly during application (usually daily) and is involved with all aspects of quality assurance during system application.

An anniversary inspection is automatically conducted at the roofs most critical time; the second year. ARCA hires the roof inspector to identify and report on any areas of concern. If identified items are the responsibility of the roofing contractor, corrections will be made at no cost to the building owner.

Why use an ARCA Accepted Roofing Inspector?

An extensive review of experience and qualifications is undertaken prior to an inspector being approved as an ARCA accepted independent inspector. Only those who pass an inspectors exam and have the appropriate experience, training, and credentials are accepted. ARCA accepted inspectors work on behalf of the building owner and operate independently of ARCA, its members, product manufacturers, and suppliers.

The independent roof inspector may be a valuable resource person for the design team and the building owner in providing consultation on roofing options, systems, and materials, during design.