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Warranty Claims

This information is provided to aid roofing consumers when preparing and submitting a workmanship related claims for roofing projects that are covered by the ARCA Warranty Ltd. Warranty Certificate (W.C.).

Workmanship related leaking is where moisture penetrates the waterproof or watershed component of the roofing system during the warranty term subject to certain conditions.

Reported claims shall be investigated by the contractor of record or by ARCA Warranty Ltd. The owner or their agent shall allow reasonable time to conduct the claim investigation and if necessary, for repairs to be completed during normal business hours. The building owner shall take the necessary steps to limit damage to their property until this process can be completed. The liability of the roofing contractor and ARCA Warranty Ltd. shall in no case extend to damage or loss occurring in respect of the building or its contents or any business interruption or loss occasioned by the tenant or occupant of the building. ARCA Warranty Ltd's liability is limited to the original cost of the labour and materials for the roof installation.

If after investigating a reported claim, it is determined that the leaking is not workmanship related, the owner or their agent may be invoiced for all costs associated with the claim investigation and the repair undertaken.

Should the claim be accepted as workmanship related, the contractor of record or ARCA Warranty Ltd. will undertake repairs at no cost to the building owner.

For more details see Consumer Warranty Claim Procedures